Workshops for Special Needs Therapists and Caregivers


Goals and Outcomes


·      To train special needs therapists and caregivers in the fundamentals of Creatively Able movement classes.

·      Hands on, intensive training in safe and effective strength and stretching techniques suitable for individuals with special needs.

·      Work with ‘cueing’, moving the class forward in an engaging yet appropriately paced tempo, as well as how to work with music in a specified movement class environment.

·      Introductory work on basic dance technique practices that promote balance, coordination, and all of the promoted aspects of Creatively Able movement classes.

·      Focused and repeated practice on ‘routine creation’ (creative, collaborative choreography), including conceptualization, aiding students who are lower functioning or resistant to contribution, support of combination recall and leading, and ultimate routine building practices.



 Intervention techniques supported by Creatively Able Training:


Discrete Trial Training


Visual Supports

Natural Environment Teaching




Task Analysis


Data Collection


Creatively Able Workshops may be applied for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).

Participants will be given brochures including: schedule of events and topics, learning objectives, number of contact hours, course description, credentials of presenter(s), Certification of Attendance with number of contact hours listed.